Senior School Contacts. This is Fayetteville Specialized People Colleges University Contacts System!

Senior School Contacts. This is Fayetteville Specialized People Colleges University Contacts System!

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What's High School Links?

See a head start on your degree or profession. Just take cost-free college training as an excellent college student to hasten achievement of college or university certificates, diplomas, and relate grade that lead to school exchange or provide entry level task skills.

High School links (HSC) would be the local department with the status regimen, profession and College hope. The system provides seamless two registration instructional opportunity for eligible North Carolina kids.

Highschool Connections Registration

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To try to get the twelfth grade joints packages, complete the Enrollment tool.

Identify The Required Route & Tuition

The Career & Specialized training paths for senior school contacts college students involves several certificate packages helping additional children degree. After graduating students are going to have certificates to visit with any relate amount they can desire to receive.

The school transport Pathway triggering the Associate in artwork is perfect for twelfth grade juniors and seniors who want to began research toward the link in artwork diploma and a baccalaureate degree in a non-STEM significant. The route is a well designed couple of methods within the all-inclusive Articulation arrangement (CAA) from the school of vermont plus the North Carolina people institution program.

Send Your Very Own Transcript/Test Results

A copy of your latest transcript with the unweighted GPA is essential.

Order Textbooks & Spend Fees

Books can be acquired within FTCC Bookstore. Verify if a textbook is needed for your own classroom by using the book search appliance. The learner is in charge of the student actions fee and technological innovation charge. For updated details about term fees for college students: businesses & financial workplace.

Ought to reprogram your HSC pathway?

Utter the school associations path Change need online kind.

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