Join – a procedure when the rows of 1 dining table are associated with the rows of another through typical line values.

Join – a procedure when the rows of 1 dining table are associated with the rows of another through typical line values.

JSON – A data representation provided as a smaller sized but nonetheless humanly alternative that is readable XML. JSON may be the acronym for JavaScript Object Notation, and it is usually employed in web/cloud-based applications.

Key – a column or columns upon which an index is built to permit rapid and/or access that is sorted a dining dining table's row.

LAN – a nearby Area Network can be used to interconnect the computer systems within a location that is geographic. Contrasted to Wide Region Networks (WAN). Bandwidth (rate) is just a main distinction between regional and networking that is wide-area.

Library – The container for a couple of typical computer computer computer software API functions. Usually, a collection is found in a DLL or Shared Library.

Licensee – a person which have obtained the ability to utilize and/or distribute Raima Product(s).

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Little-Endian – The convention that is little-endian a variety of addressing that is the purchase of data kept in memory. The least significant bit (or "littlest" end) is first stored at address 0, and subsequent bits are stored incrementally in this convention.

Little-endian is the contrary of big-endian, which stores the essential significant bit first. It is difficult to integrate two systems that use different endian conventions because they are opposites.

Regional Procedure Call – a software function call to a collection function that exists in-process ( exact same computer, exact exact same procedure area). This is certainly as opposed to Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) that are to functions that live an unusual procedure, if they are exactly the same computer (using interprocess interaction) or even a remote computer (using networking). Regional procedure calls are somewhat quicker than remote procedure phone phone calls, but require computing resources in the neighborhood (customer) computer.

Securing – a way of properly protecting items from being changed by a couple of users (processes/threads) during the time that is same. A write (exclusive) lock permits access from only 1 individual (process/thread) at the same time. A read (shared) lock permits access that is read-only numerous users (processes/threads).

Repair and help – The support and maintenance solutions for an item under an understanding (Repair and Support Addendum).

Markings – Trademarks, trade names, solution markings or logos identified on a business's internet site and/or printed material.

Memory Database – A DBMS that keeps the whole articles of a database or dining dining table obtainable in computer memory at all times whilst the database is opened. Usually, in-memory databases are volatile, which means that they will have little or no durability in the event that computer malfunctions. Durability problems are generally prioritized below performance, which increases significantly with memory once the storage news.

Meta-data – "Data about information." In a DBMS context, information saved in columns of a dining dining table have actually specific characteristics, including the kind, size, description or other traits that permit the DBMS to process the info meaningfully, or enable the users to comprehend it better.

Mirroring – the capacity to copy the noticeable modifications each deal designed to the database through the master database to 1 or higher servant databases to ensure precise copies regarding the master database are often available regarding the slaves.

MMDB – An acronym for Main Memory Database, also referred to as In-memory Database

Modification Stored Procedure – An SQL stored procedure which contains a number of INSERT, IMPROVE, and/or DELETE statements.

Multi-platform – the capability for an application system to perform on various computing devices and systems that are operating little if any modification.

Multi-version Concurrency Control (MVCC) – MVCC is a concurrency control method that allows for numerous forms of database access to take place simultaneously. RDM implements this with the use of database snapshots.

Normal Join – A join created between two tables in which the values of identically defined and named columns are equal.

Network Model – A database by which inter-record kind relationships are arranged making use of one-to-many sets. This varies from A hierarchical model for the reason that it allows accurate documentation kind become an associate greater than one set. Specific rows may be retrieved making use of API functions that enable a software to navigate through specific set instances.

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